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Why CMComposites?

CMComposites originally started in grassroots motorsport in 1996 in a 1000cc Austin Mini and quickly fell in love with motorsport and all of the aspects around it.

We started many years ago producing simple but effective upgrades for vehicles as we liked tweaking and improving the look of a car. Since then we have built many relationships with manufacturers internationally and now deliver across the UK and around the globe.

With these relationships we now have access to many methods of production from CNC machine work, Vacuum forming to Laser Cutting technology.

We still design and produce many products by hand using age old techniques.

We always aim to deliver the highest of quality in products.

Most weeks we are developing new products and always thinking of new ideas for the marketplace.

Have a look around our store and pop back regularly as we are always updating it. If you can't find what you are looking for we can alway try to produce it so drop us a message. 


The team at CMComposites